Material development

Material development

Trelleborg Slovenija develops and blends rubber compounds for elastomer products based on a rubber manufacturing tradition that dates back to 1920.

We offer our customers:

  • development and manufacture of rubber compounds based on required characteristics, customer specifications or sample product
  • high quality compounds made with modern technological equipment
  • compounds adapted for a specific purpose
  • technological support
  • physical properties measurement and chemical analysis of rubber, compounds and other materials in our in-house laboratory
Material development

The compounds are mixed in our in-house mixing plant and are natural rubber and synthetic rubber-based: NR, IR, BR, SBR, CR, NBR, NBR/PVC, IIR, CIIR, BrIIR, CSM, EPM, EPDM, EAM, HNBR and other blends.

The in-house mixing plant and laboratory give us an additional competitive edge and the flexibility to meet customer requirements in each specific case.
Material development
Material development

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