Conveyor belts
We offer a wide range of technical rubber sheets in various elastomer types, dimensions and hardness grades.


standard range from 0,5 mm to 40 mm


standard range from 1000 mm to 1600 mm, on request up to 2000 mm


rolls from stock: 10-50 m; minimum production length for special orders:

• 100 m (thicknesses 0,5 mm-15 mm)

• 50 m (thicknesses 20 mm-40 mm)


with or without fabric plies


smooth (one or both sides) or textile pattern (one or both sides):

• Supergrip

• Finegrip

• Microgrip

Bonding layer

rubber sheets with or without CR layer (chloroprene rubber)

Technical rubber sheets
  • conveyor belts cleaners
  • drum lagging
  • mechanical protection against impacts   
  • protection against heat, vibrations, noise and humidity
  • electric insulation and antistatic protection
  • washers
  • gaskets
  • anti-dust covers, tank covers, curtains
  • lining
Technical rubber sheets
Technical rubber sheets

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