Savaflex conveyor belts

Savaflex conveyor belts

Savaflex is a special type of conveyor belt produced with EPP straight warp fabrics. Such belt is the best choice in areas where low maintenance as well as strong impact resistance is required. Compared to the traditional multiply conveyor belts, Savaflex conveyor belts are thinner and lighter, which is why they are energy-efficient and ideal for smaller drum diameters.
Savaflex conveyor belts
The main advantages of Savaflex belts vs. normal EP belts:
  • longer belt life — lower replacement frequency
  • lower operating cost because of lower belt weight
  • lower thickness & weight of the belt with the same tensile strength
  • smaller pulley/drum diameter
  • greater rip, tear and impact resistance
  • low stretch and elongation because of straight warp
  • excellent load support, troughability and tracking
  • more balanced conveyor belt
Comparison between EPP and EP carcass:





EPP 400/1

EP 400/3

EPP 630/1

EP 630/4

Thickness of carcass (mm)





Weight of carcass (g/m2)





Belts can be spliced either using a mechanical or finger splicing method.
Belt constructions:
Savaflex I (1 ply):  EPP400/1, EPP500/1, EPP630/1, EPP800/1
Savaflex II (2 ply): EPP1000/2, EPP1250/2, EPP1600/2

Width: max. 1.900 mm

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