Cleancover conveyor belts

Cleancover conveyor belts

Cleancover conveyor belts
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Cleancover conveyor belts
CleanCover Belt
One of the biggest problems with transportation of bulk material is sticking of material to the belt surface. The result is a large and undesired amount of material on the conveyor belt’s underside, which disturbs and interrupts its continuous operation. Uninterrupted operation is only possible if the belt is being continually cleaned, for instance with scraping devices, but often even such scrapers cannot guarantee fault-free operation.

Therefore, our engineers have developed a new type of special rubber compound that reduces sticking of material to the belt’s surface. It provides CleanCover belts with very good anti-sticking characteristics, which allows to reduce the pressing force of scrapers, thereby substantially extending the service life of the belts.

CleanCover belt properties:


CleanCover belt


Various tensile strengths of fabric and number of plies available.


Various thickness of upper and lower cover available.


High abrasion resistant cover - CC type; extremely abrasion resistant cover - CC WLH, oil and grease resistant cover - CC MOR type


Cleaning of the belt possible with all systems of cleaning including rubber, polyurethane, metal and brush (rotation) cleaners.


From -40 to +80.


CleanCover belt has anti-sticking characteristics through the cross-section, therefore it can be used through the entire thickness of the cover. With the new cover type the pressing force of scrapers can be reduced to prolong the belt’s service time.


Cold splicing, hot splicing or with mechanical fasteners.


Sliding conveyor belts, Ripcheck, Noppen belts and other types on request.


Suitable for conveying sticky materials such as: clay, sand and gravel, tailing and mud, REA gypsum, cement, titanium dioxide and other materials.


Suitable for conveying extraordinary abrasive sticky materials such as sand, concrete, bauxite or wear due to belt cleaning. This belt type provides longer service life in application where slightly higher forces of scrapers are necessary.


Moderately oil resistant cover, suitable for conveying sticky products with a low content of animal and vegetable fats and oils such as waste, compost, fertilizers and other materials.

The advantages of CleanCover belts:
  • various belt constructions (tensile strength of fabric, number of plies, thickness of cover) are available
  • suitable for conveying of highly abrasive (CC type, CC WLH type) as well as for material containing oil and grease (CC MOR type)
  • cleaning with rubber, polyurethane, metal and brush (rotation) cleaners
  • the reduced pressing  force of scrapers due to good anti-sticking properties of our CleanCover belts
  • anti-sticking properties are retained throughout the cover thickness
  • splicing with hot vulcanisation, cold vulcanisation or with mechanical fasteners
  • suitable for special applications as well as for sliding belts, Ripcheck, Noppen belts and other types on request

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