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Commitment to occupational health, safety and environmental protection are the greatest values ​​and cornerstones of sustainable business performance.

Our company focuses on safety-based excellence. In order to maintain and enhance the health and safety of all employees, we pursue the goal of zero work-related accidents and zero work-related health disorders.

While conducting our business, we endeavour to continually reduce the negative environmental impact in all stages of the life cycle of our products. We consume raw materials and natural resources rationally and strive for efficient energy use, waste reduction and emission reduction per unit manufactured.

We comply with the requirements of the environmental management system in accordance with International Standard ISO 14001 and Occupational Health and Safety System ISO 45001. We also participate in the Responsible Care programme for the chemical industry and produce public reports on environmental indicators in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. This ensures that the  safety indicators at our company are among the best in the rubber manufacturing industry within the EU.

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Responsible care

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